Countdown to Christmas

Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Maryland

I am visiting Margaret and Jon. Margaret and I have been shopping fools! We are having a very nice visit. We went to Pentagon City shopping mall today. This is a 4-story mall. Huge and we walked the WHOLE thing. I found my new favorite clothes: J Jill. Some cards and shoes!!! Good day altogether!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tired of towels

I told Margaret tonight that I was taking a break for July. I may change my mind, but I am tired of towels! lol  I am waiting for mine to come this month. Should be here soon. On a happy note, the postal strike is over in Canada, so I can send my towels out for next month. I am finished with August!

I am considering buying a small, lightweight sewing machine that I can take with me to sew, like for quilting classes or even on the bus for down time. I believe I know which one I would like but plan to do more research.

I also have some more sewing room ideas. Change is my middle name. While I am visiting Margaret, Jimmy is going to paint and get the carpet in the bedroom. Then I can work on changing that around to what I would like. I am tired of my dresser and just want functional drawers and alot of them to hold my clothes. I don't need a mirror, since the vanity is right there. I am planning the room in shades of blues and tan/brown. It should turn out nicely.