Countdown to Christmas

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Embroidery fun

I have been embroidering bibs and diapers for Margaret's gift for Amy. I have done some cute stuff and hope she (both shes) like them. I finally found out my Disney emb. CD was shipped on the 10th and it'll take 10-14 days to get here ...... from Australia!!! Then I'll do the Winnie the Pooh stuff Margaret wants for Amy's boy.

I hope to finish the pillowcases for Easter before we go traveling. If not, ah well. Do them later. I also want to go back to the place in Mobile and get some more napkins.

Also need to get a few more hoops. ahhh, if I were only made of money! Hopefully, the STAR bus will run this summer and I'll be able to buy me some more 'stuff' for the machine.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st Twin quilt finished

I can't believe it but I finished it. It's not quite how I wanted it to look, but it's done. I will take a pic and post it later. I had to embroider hearts around the edge to make sure it couldn't be pulled apart and it looks good. some places were thicker and I broke 2 needles but's FINISHED!