Countdown to Christmas

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Embroidery fun

I have been embroidering bibs and diapers for Margaret's gift for Amy. I have done some cute stuff and hope she (both shes) like them. I finally found out my Disney emb. CD was shipped on the 10th and it'll take 10-14 days to get here ...... from Australia!!! Then I'll do the Winnie the Pooh stuff Margaret wants for Amy's boy.

I hope to finish the pillowcases for Easter before we go traveling. If not, ah well. Do them later. I also want to go back to the place in Mobile and get some more napkins.

Also need to get a few more hoops. ahhh, if I were only made of money! Hopefully, the STAR bus will run this summer and I'll be able to buy me some more 'stuff' for the machine.