Countdown to Christmas

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ballet pillowcase

I have had this fabric since we (Marsha and I) went pig-trailing in Tennessee in 2009. I just didn't know who it was for! I thought I would make something for Grace, my oldest granddaughter, with it but never did. Trinity, Amanda and Matt's niece, and my "almost granddaughter ", began ballet lessons this year. She LOVES ballet! So I remembered I had this fabric and made this. But, I was not happy with the trim I had. So I went "shopping" at Marsha's and found the toe shoe ribbon. Originally, I wanted pink satin ribbon, like toe shoes have, but once I saw this, I knew it was the one!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Catch up

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. I have had a lot going on so I just lost touch. However, I hope to be a regular writer again. catch up: I had the gastric sleeve surgery in October 2013, for health reasons to lose weight. Right now, I've lost about 35 lbs. it is not as easy as people think to lose, even with this surgery. I went into it with my eyes wide open and with the attitude that THIS was my time to get healthy. Yes, I did it to lose weight and look better. However, I really did it so I can watch my grandchildren grow up. I did it for me!

Moving on, I can't believe how much more energy I have. I've been sewing more and moving more. My goals now are exercise every day. I bought a recumbent bike that is in my bedroom so I have no excuse not to ride it.! Lol. I have been walking, riding the bike, and doing water aerobics. Tomorrow, I start back at HealthQuest (chevron) for more exercises. My goal is to work my arms, legs, and abs.

I am still travel crazy. Next trip is at spring break. Not sure where yet, but going somewhere. Then taking grandson James to Oregon, Washington, and Canada in July. Really excited about this trip. Marsha is going too. Fabric...cheese...grandbabies.. Children...mountains.. Sounds fun to me!

Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, much happening lately. Jimmy's daddy died February 16. He was 93 years old. He was a WWII vet. A hero. We will miss him.

I have a few sewing projects going on right now. A tea cozy, a table runner, a pillowcase for my "extra" granddaughter, Trinity, and pick up the sewing on Jimmy's tshirt quilt. I cleaned out my closet today of my t-shirts and have plenty for a quilt for myself. Wow! It's amazing the variety I have too.  No pictures yet. I'll work on getting some soon. Whew! Way more than you wanted to know!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have been totally slacking this year and I have no excuse but ...oh, I'll do that later! lol . School was hard this past year and my health took a dive. BUT, I am feeling much better and am very positive about this new school year. This will be my 14th year at Colmer.

Marsha and I went to Great Britain in June and stayed 30 days. We spent about 2-1/2 weeks in Scotland, which we fell in love with, and the rest of the days in Wales and England. Yes, Stonehenge is totally awesome and unbelievable. If you go, be sure to schedule some time there. I will put up a few pictures to show you what I am talking about. Plus, we got pics of Nessie! On Loch Ness!! The last picture is at Windsor Castle.
 Nessie of the Loch Ness

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rainy Saturday Project Linus sewing

Janet, Lisa and Pam conferring
Now they're just posing! lol

And here they are again!
Tammy, Sandra, Marsha and Alice hard at it!

Hard at work

Deb and Pam working it!

See Jeanette measure using a piece of fabric.


Marsha.....what else can I say?

The Quilt Ninja....HIIIIYAAAAA

Just Needles Quilting Guild has done it again. We got together at the Pascagoula Library for a morning of intense sewing to make quilts for Project Linus...although they may go to another organization this time...CASA. It seems there are way too many children who need comforting and can use a blanket. Check out the picutres!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

T-shirt quilt : getting it done

I started the T-shirt quilt in a class at Block Therapy on Feb. 1. It was truly a great class. I learned so much from Brenda and Joan. It really gave me confidence to continue on. I think I have been afraid to attempt another large quilt for fear of failure. Seeing what the other quilters in the club has been somewhat intimidating but don't think that's the only reason I hesitated. I believe that my health was some to blame too. I almost feel like I've been in a fog and am coming out of it. I haven't been happy but have made some decisions that I hope will be the best for me. Anyway, I digress.

I have all the blocks together. I did them in strips up and down like the instructions call for (instead of across, as tradition calls for). I sewed like a fiend and had the 3 panels done. I stopped for the night and got up this morning and looked at them again. Sewed the first 2 panels together and WHAATTT the heck.....discovered one of the lattice strips was on upside down!! OMG! Well, it turned out to be an easy fix. Rip and resew. Got all three panels sewn together now and it looks great. The green border goes on next and then the outside border. I was thinking about it last night and had Jimmy approve it (after all, it IS his quilt!). So the backing and the outside border will be the cool tennis shoes. I think it'll be kicking!!! pun intended!

Here it is in panels and the upside down lattice on the middle one. lol 
I am really happy that I have this going on. Next, I believe I'll do one for a grandchild. I have been putting it off but am ready to tackle it. This will be after I go to Baton Rouge in March for an embroidery weekend. It sounds like fun and we get to do some hands on work too.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mug Rug Exchange

I just found a new Mug Rug exchange on Quilting Gallery. I joined!! I am ready for the cute owls on it. Should be lots of fun.

Also saw new fabric ....crabs...from Quilting by the Bay in Panama City. Might have to have a road trip in February to go get some.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Other November things

I am so busy this month. I can't believe how much I've done! I am doing physical therapy for my lymphadema in my right arm. I am usually wrapped and freaking people out. HA! They should be the one's wearing it. That's me with Amanda and Phillip and Lily. Gorgeous grands! I also had a colonoscopy. My blood work came back wonky from my Sept. visit with Dr. Angel, my oncologist. So....hence...the colonoscopy. Plus my 'smush and tush' and my month was really complete. Except, I go for the results tomorrow. Pray for me.

Here are Amanda, Grace, and Phillip at our annual pilgrimage to A & E Pharmacy and Fabrics in Pensacola. Amanda was busy picking out fabric for pillowcase gifts and Grace was right in there, helping find fabric. James stayed home with Pawpaw Krebs and did fishing, s'mores, and manly things. Sandra and Marsha and I had a great time with them and stopped for dessert again in Mobile at the Joe Cain Cafe. Such a great outing.

I felt really good today and sewed my Sneaky Santa gift together. I just have to add the finishing touches. I will be sure to post a picture of it before I let it go. I also did some embroidery for Bettie. I think it turned out great. I hope she likes it! I love the fonts. COLLIN is in Jackson font and Madison is in Grace font. Well, I need to go finish up a few things. More later!