Countdown to Christmas

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Other November things

I am so busy this month. I can't believe how much I've done! I am doing physical therapy for my lymphadema in my right arm. I am usually wrapped and freaking people out. HA! They should be the one's wearing it. That's me with Amanda and Phillip and Lily. Gorgeous grands! I also had a colonoscopy. My blood work came back wonky from my Sept. visit with Dr. Angel, my oncologist. So....hence...the colonoscopy. Plus my 'smush and tush' and my month was really complete. Except, I go for the results tomorrow. Pray for me.

Here are Amanda, Grace, and Phillip at our annual pilgrimage to A & E Pharmacy and Fabrics in Pensacola. Amanda was busy picking out fabric for pillowcase gifts and Grace was right in there, helping find fabric. James stayed home with Pawpaw Krebs and did fishing, s'mores, and manly things. Sandra and Marsha and I had a great time with them and stopped for dessert again in Mobile at the Joe Cain Cafe. Such a great outing.

I felt really good today and sewed my Sneaky Santa gift together. I just have to add the finishing touches. I will be sure to post a picture of it before I let it go. I also did some embroidery for Bettie. I think it turned out great. I hope she likes it! I love the fonts. COLLIN is in Jackson font and Madison is in Grace font. Well, I need to go finish up a few things. More later!


International Quilt Festival!

November was quite the busy month. It started off with a trip to Houston to the International Quilt Festival!!! Woot, woot!!! Marsha, Sandra, and I had a FANTASTIC time! I learned to bring all my papers with me after having to trek back to the hotel but Hey! Live and learn! I even won the FASCINATOR contest! I won a Sizzex machine and other lovely things. It was a blast!

There were sooooo many vendors and so much to see and do. We did take some time to go thru the different quilt exhibits also. The amazing talent that is in this world is unbelievable. Paint quilts, Photo, Traditional, name it, they are making it in QUILTS! The only limit is your imagination Here are a few of the quilts we saw:

I loved this series. The detail was amazing. Note the fishnet stockings! I just loved this.

 This is Marsha enjoying herself. This quilt was fabulous!

I was nuts over this CRAZY quilt! It was from Australia and the detail and colors are fantastic.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This and that

Since my last post, there has been some action around here!  We delivered 36 pillowcases to the Children's shelter in Pascagoula. Such a small thing to us, but a meaningful thing to a child with nothing to call his/her own. The director told us how much the older kids liked the blankets and at our meeting, we decided to make some larger ones this year and give them to the shelter for the teens. this really is a powerful place. When I realize how little the children have, it breaks my heart. After that delivery, Marsha, Lisa, and Sandra (our newest travel buddy), headed to the Pecan Festival. It was ok. Hot, yes. But they raised prices this year. $10 to get in and $14 for a pie. I got a few things for the girls, but nothing fabulous I couldn't live without. Next year, we decided to go to Panama City and Quilting ByThe Bay. Awesome!
Marsha, Sandra, and I are prepping for Houston. We got together and made our fascinations for Quiltapoolza. (Just saying that is fun!) we are going to work it and ROCK IT! They won't know what hit 'em!
Grand baby news: all are doing well and we will have number 6 grand in May! Ben and Joann will have a treat for Lily. They will be 15 months apart! Can't wait.
Well, I was going to put pics up but I guess I'll have to get on my laptop. Later, jk

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things have been SO busy since I returned from Europe (I LOVE saying that..or starting a sentence like...We were walking in Switzerland and drives the people at work crazy! lol).. I had only a few days to get it together before work and then things went crazy. So much to do and not enough time. Then the babies started coming: Allison on July 30 and our newest, Phillip on Monday, August 27. Yep, right in time for Hurricane Isaac! On the plus side, Ben, Joann, and Lily have been at the house and I have been having a great time with them. Lily is the funniest baby. She makes faces, blows bubbles, and enjoys her food! She is hysterical when she eats.   Marsha, Sandra Sharp and I sent our registration in for Houston. We didn't get the wool class we wanted but hey....more time on the floor to buy fabric! That is in November. Found a cute tutorial on Material Girls blog today. I can't wait to go to Margaret's to visit her and the store. Here's their blog.  If Isaac goes away, we can probably leave on Aug. 30 out of Mobile. Pray hard.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am ready for Europe. I am leaving on Saturday, June 30th for England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. I am traveling with People to People Ambassador Groups and my group is a middle school group.When I return, I am sure I will have thousands of pictures and many tales...some of them may even be true!  My sewing will wait! I have some rearranging to do in my sewing room also.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quilting Gallery Exchange_New Beginnings

 The front
 The label
The back

I have finished my table topper for the New Beginnings exchange. I call it "Sherbert" because of the colors in it. I didn't plan on it but I loved the swirly light orange fabric. The others worked and then I didn't like the back fabric I chose. So over to Block Therapy and got the green batik in the Stonehenge line. Love it! I am happy with how it turned out but my cutting and sewing need lots of work. Practice practice practice!!!
It goes to Maryland now for the exchange. I hope my partner likes it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doing stuff

I have been busy lately either planning or doing. I embroidered Mardi Gras screens today for Grace and James. The items turned out well and I will post a picture later. I am planning my small quilt for the 'New Beginnings Quilt'. I should receive my name soon. I am very excited. The list of people is mainly foreign. I can't wait to get mine and hope my person will like theirs. I am considering embroidering something on it, maybe my name and date and stuff.

I am hoping I can put those Mardi Gras bags together but I may need some help. I can ask Marsha or Lisa. They sew enough to know everything between them. (But I may be able to work it out.)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Joining the new Swap

I am excited to join the new swap on Quilting Gallery. More later.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the hoop pincushion

Our Just Needles Quilt and Fiber Arts Guild will be meeting this Tuesday. I suggested a pincushion exchange to start our year off and apparently everyone is going crazy making pincushions. The rules: Make it or buy it. That's it. I have seen pictures on FB of some of the pincushions and they are cuteeeeeee!

I decided to challenge myself and picked up the Nancy Zieman IN-THE-HOOP sewing book. I was going to make the suggested pincushion but the crazy patch was the first one so I decided to try it. I made it with some scraps and cut some from regular fabric. I used 8 fabrics. At first, I thought I only needed 6. Then when I went to put them in order, I realized I needed 2 more. I think I might use different seasonal fabrics to make more. I am still considering a gift for my trip overseas this summer and this might be a nice idea.

The first 6 fabrics...oops..need more! 
 5x7 hoop
 Finished block
 View one: Finished pincushion
 View 2: Finished pincushion (if the owner doesn't like the heart, it's easy to snip off.)
Back view (or top view, if they like this side better)

I think I will make one for Margaret. Maybe cupcakes...or owls....or dinosaurs...Or a combo of all three!