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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring break update

We have had a really good time here. Did D.C. on Monday, rested on Tuesday morning. worked out in the p.m. @ the base gym with Margaret. Then, last night, we went to Joann fabrics. This was a good sized one. Larger than Mobile but smaller than Pensacola. Found some adorable dinosaur flannel to add to 'Margaret's collection'. Also, some St. Patricks day fabric that was 60% off, some cute Easter fabric, some cupcake fabric ( again Margaret), and some thread. They were having good sales.
I was able to take some good pics of the beautiful trees here too. AND : got a shot of where a groundhog lives. Haven't seen him yet, but I can hope! Got Jimmy a hat at the golf course and something for brother Mark too. Plus, a magnet for me!!

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