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Saturday, October 13, 2012

This and that

Since my last post, there has been some action around here!  We delivered 36 pillowcases to the Children's shelter in Pascagoula. Such a small thing to us, but a meaningful thing to a child with nothing to call his/her own. The director told us how much the older kids liked the blankets and at our meeting, we decided to make some larger ones this year and give them to the shelter for the teens. this really is a powerful place. When I realize how little the children have, it breaks my heart. After that delivery, Marsha, Lisa, and Sandra (our newest travel buddy), headed to the Pecan Festival. It was ok. Hot, yes. But they raised prices this year. $10 to get in and $14 for a pie. I got a few things for the girls, but nothing fabulous I couldn't live without. Next year, we decided to go to Panama City and Quilting ByThe Bay. Awesome!
Marsha, Sandra, and I are prepping for Houston. We got together and made our fascinations for Quiltapoolza. (Just saying that is fun!) we are going to work it and ROCK IT! They won't know what hit 'em!
Grand baby news: all are doing well and we will have number 6 grand in May! Ben and Joann will have a treat for Lily. They will be 15 months apart! Can't wait.
Well, I was going to put pics up but I guess I'll have to get on my laptop. Later, jk

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